To reach the primary decision makers for most spending in the family, there is no better place than the supermarket.

If you are looking for new advertising ideas or new marketing ideas to reach the primary decision makers for

  • Health Care Purchases
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive Maintenance and Buying
  • Home Repairs
  • Home Appliances
  • Beer and Wine
  • Home Building
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Pet Supplies
  • Real Estate
  • Flooring
  • Banking
  • Recreation
  • Home Improvement
  • Nursing

and many more, WEIS TV can reach them easily, quickly and inexpensively.

The Weis TV Network is located in these Pennsylvania towns: Hummelstown, Hershey, Lebanon, Palmyra, Lancaster, Ephrata, Willow Street, Centreville, Manheim, Lititz, Columbia, Gap, Mifflinburg, Selinsgrove, Sunbury, Danville, Bloomsburg, and Lewisburg.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digital Signage?” -> Digital Signage is a network of video players and screens controlled individually or in groups from one computer to any number of video players and screens in remote locations with Internet or Satellite access. The Weis TV Network software can control every aspect of what is displayed on literally thousands of screens anywhere in the world with lightning speed and reliability.
2. Where are the signs located inside the stores? -> The TV screens are located in the front of the stores where thy can be seen from all the traditional checkout isles.
3. How large are the screens? -> There are at least two screen in each store and they are 42”, some of the larger stores have 55” screens and one store in York has a 65” screen.
4. What is displayed on the screens? -> On the left side of the screen Weis Markets gives you information on their products. On the right side of the screen is breaking news, entertainment, and local advertising.

5. How long are the ads? -> All ads are 15 seconds. Your ad will run at least once every five minutes.
6. How many advertisers are there? -> There are only 12 ads sold per month, per market.
7. How often would our ad run? -> All ads appear at least once every five minutes.
8. Is there sound? -> No, there is no sound. Research has revealed that sound distracts from the experience.
9. Can I run video? -> Absolutely. You can use still images and/or full motion high definition video or any combination of the two.
10. Is there a production charge for the ads? -> Production of one video ad is provided at no charge with each three-month schedule.
11. How many months do I have to run? -> You can run any number of months. However, any flights of less than three months will incur a video production charge of $600.00.
12. What is the cost of producing extra video ads? -> Additional videos within a three-month flight will cost $150.00 each.
13. Can I provide my own video ads? -> Clients may provide their own video at no charge, with prior approval.
14. How do we bill? -> All rates I provide are net to our company. We bill at the end of each month.
15. When can I start my ads? -> You can start your ads any time. Your ad will run until the anniversary of the last month of your schedule. Start a three-month flight on February 22nd and it will run until May 22nd.



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Click here to see video of our screens within Weis locations!

Manufacturing Co-Op

Digital Signage is recognized as a major media qualifying for manufacture co-op.  Aim Digital Visions has received co-op monies from Volvo, VW, Kubota, Toro, Valspar, 7D Windows, and Quikrete to name a few.

What is DOOH: Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Digital Out-Of-Home refers to dynamic media distributed across place-based networks in venues such as grocery stores, restaurants, and health clubs that have high traffic counts. DOOH media benefits location owners and advertisers alike in being able to engage customers and extend the reach and effectiveness of marketing messages. It is also referred to as Digital Signage.